Thursday, October 7, 2010

Old School Tunes

I happen to have this weird obsession with music and have about 100+ mix cds.  I have rules such as, no one artist can be on the cd 2 songs in a row, and I have to have a seriously awesome song that I'm totally loving as #1 on the cd.  I'm weird, I know.  I also love when I throw in old mixes into my cd player for me to listen to.  Anyways, this morning I got in the car, the cd switched over to #4 and the first song on the cd was Tube and Berger-Straight Ahead.  I'm 99% sure not many people have heard this song.  It stems from high school, when I was friends with a group that loved techno, trance, house, etc.  I had always liked that kind of music, but now I got to appreciate it with people.  Anyways, I made this cd probably circa 2000 and it proved for a great wake up call this morning.  I hope someone will appreciate my random music taste.  (just to throw it out there, I actually love all types of music: rock, r&b, rap, pop, techno, trance, foreign, reggaeton, country, jazz, classic....everything)

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