Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Disney World Day 2-Magic Kingdom

Seriously...the Happiest Place on Earth.

We caught the 8:30am bus over to the park and got there right when it opened at 9am.  Now something different about Magic Kingdom is that you have to either take the monorail or the ferry from where you buy your tickets to the actual park.  I have kind of a weird obsession with the monorail, so of course we popped in line and waited our turn.  I was surprised how busy it was that early in the morning, but it was still ok.  We got off the metro and went into the park and walked down Main Street, U.S.A.  I guess I just have a LOT of childhood memories from Disneyland and Disney World, so as we're walking, I'm just snapping pics and getting butterflies just remembering all of the amazing things I've seen there.  My mom and John live off coffee and we needed to get some breakfast so we found a bakery on Main Street and stopped to get some food.  I had the most delicious chocolate croissant and chocolate milk.  Chocolate overload for sure, but it was so worth it. 

Following our pit stop, we headed straight to Tomorrowland.  It's changed quite a bit over the years and to start off and see what was new, we hopped right on the people mover.  The people mover takes you around Tomorrowland at a slow pace and tells you about the rides, some history, and shows happening.  After that, we went on Space Mountain, Buzz Lightyear's uhm..something, (which was awesome, you glow and get to shoot lasers at Zurg), Stitch's Great Escape (horrifying for anyone like me who doesn't like the dark where things are touching your legs, shoulders, etc), Carousel of Progress, and Autopia (which I realize isnt' called this anymore, it's like the Tomorrowland Race Track or something, but I'm old school).  Mom and John took a coffee break while katmcd and I went on Autopia by ourselves.  The line was actually really long, but as we're walking up to the line, this guy who works there is like:
Him: Happy Birthday Sarah
Me: Thanks!
Him: How old are you now?
Me: 25.
Him: So, 21?
Me: Definitely
Him: Well, I turn the magical age in 3 months, but I've been 21 already since I was 14. 

uh...what?  Ok.  Then he's like, "follow me."  We got to cut the entire line, and then he put this sign on the back of our car that said, "It's my birthday."  So we say thanks, and get in the car and go for the drive.  When we're back, there's a bit of a back up, but we can see that the guy like waited for us to get back but as we're driving up (I was steering, katmcd was on the pedals) a GIANT bug comes flying at our faces but suddenly zooms away.  The 3 guys who work the ride, including our friend, are laughing hysterically at us.  Uhm, hi that bug was really huge.  So we pull up and ask our friend to take our pic in the car, but first he tries to take a pic of himself, and then he pulls the sign off the back of the car and pulls it around the front so you can see it.  It was my magical moment of the trip.

We met back up with my mom and John and headed towards Fantasyland, and on the way, saw that they are creating an Ariel under the sea adventure and Belle is going to have her own restaurant.  AWESOME.  In Fantasyland, we rode the Winnie the Pooh ride (where you ride in honey pots, so cute), Snow White's Scary Adventure, and the Carousel.  Then we went to New Orleans Square...or wait, in Disney World they call it....Liberty Square, and rode Haunted Mansion, and then went to lunch at The Liberty Bell Tavern.  Lunch was delicious, well, Kathleen, mom and John's food was really good.  Mine was ho-hum.  They got pot roast and thanksgiving dinners.  So delicious though.  Then we found a spot to sit for the 3pm parade Celebrate a Dream Come True (or something like that).  Following the parade, we headed to Splash Mountain and then Big Thunder Railroad in Frontierland, and then Jungle Cruise and Tiki Room in Adventureland. 

I have to make a slight tangent though and tell you all about my severe disappointment in the new Tiki Room.  Recently they redid this attraction, changing it from the original 1960something format that was such a classic.  They added in Iago from Aladdin and Zazu from the Lion King.  It was horrible.  They turned it into a bird disco and it was just awful.  I've never been disappointed by anything Disney.  It was a shame.

After shaking off that sad thing, we went and got some Dole Whip, which is the most freakin delicious pineapple frozen stuff ever.  Then we headed back to Tomorrowland to do Space Mountain again and before we knew it, it was time to stake out a spot to watch the Main Street Electrical Parade.  I have seen this parade so many times but I still love it.  Katmcd and I trekked out to find some food which was non-existent.  We went back to the bakery to get some sandwiches and after some ridiculousness there, I decided to just get food for mom and John too so they wouldn't have to try and leave our spot.  Things were taking forever, and there were just SO many people everywhere we looked.  We went back, ate our food, watched the parade and then went back again to Tomorrowland to kill some time before the fireworks show at 9.  We decided on Buzz Lightyear again because it's just so silly and fun.  The fireworks were really nice to watch complete with music and I took some nice videos and pics of them.  We headed all the way around the park to go back to Big Thunder Railroad per John's request, had a great time riding it again, and then started our trek back to the hotel. 

On the monorail, which was PACKED, I turned around and accidentally hit this kid in the head with my elbow.  I turned around to apologize to him and got his mother or grandmother saying "Hey watch it" in that total bitchy tone.  I said, "I didn't see him there, and I turned around to apologize to him."  She responded, "Just watch yourself" in that same tone.  I preceded to verbally assault this woman: "You don't need to speak to me like that.  It's VERY crowded in here, and I didn't see him.  I turned around to apologize to him, and got your attitude which I don't appreciate.  I didn't mean to hit him, but you don't need speak to me like that."

Ridiculous way to end the evening.  I shook it off and we got on the bus which was insanely crowded and after an hour of standing up and riding around which seemed like everywhere, we finally made it to the hotel and went to sleep.  Overall it was such a great day and it seemed like everyone was having such a great time.  Pics to come soon.

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Legs said...

Aww, I love that you got that birthday magic on Autopia or whatever it's called now. :D And I do love the Dole Whip!! Yum!