Wednesday, August 4, 2010

2 Black Eyes

Yes, it's true, I woke up this morning and both of my eyes are bloody and bruised. It's super gross, I admit. My teeth are hurting, so no real solid food for me. Maybe I'll post a picture today of the injury. I stayed home yesterday and just layed around, iced my eyes/face, and slept. Today I came into the office but alas I have no work to do. It's so incredibly frustrating that I want to do work, but nobody will give me any.

Anyways, today starts a very very busy couple of weeks. Tonight is PPC softball, tomorrow is the season opener for kickball (Go Mighty Drunks!), Friday is work at ATL followed by an outing at Blackfinn. Saturday I have ATL in the afternoon, then Zig's divorce party. Honestly, this thing should be super fun. We haven't been to a good house/apartment party in a really really long time. Too bad I have f'ing raccoon eyes. I could have used a good hook up or something. Hahaha. Maybe not. And following this weekend, I have obviously softball games, J Coupon's birthday, the Quantico Run Amuck, a girls Six Flag trip, and the softball tournament. That's just in August. Rough month.

On that note, I leave you with something fabulous to look at, in honor of the upcoming football season.

Tony Romo:

Philip Rivers:

Matt Ryan:

and for MB, Brady Quinn:

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