Thursday, August 19, 2010

Jumanji? No Geronimo!

Today is one of those days, that no matter what people are saying (or sending) to me, I'm just super slow to understand it.  I don't know why, but I blame myself for being somewhat incompetant today.  It just reminds me of an encounter with an American couple in a Barcelona bar.  Katmcd is explaining how the night prior, we had met an Argentinian named Geronimo(no lie), and Matt, the man of the couple, is explaining how to play this absurd game.  The game goes like this:

Katmcd: His name was Geronimo.
Matt: Jumanji?
Katmcd: No, Geronimo.
Matt: I don't understand why someone would name their child Jumanji.
Katmcd: No no his name was Geronimo!

And so on.  Supposedly you can do this with anything, and I don't remember what the point of the game was, but it's how I feel today.  And I'm doing it totally unintentionally.  So to the couple of people I'm emailing with today, I apologize for being a ruh-tard. 

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...all I know is...IS THIS YOUR BAR?