Monday, August 23, 2010

I Saw the Sign

I'm a really firm believer in signs.  Symbols or events or pictures or whatever that show you something.  Sometimes it's something you're supposed to do, or someone you're supposed to be with, or flashbacks of different ideas or events.  As I posted a while back, I've been considering a move to Chicago.  I've been in DC now for 7 years almost to the date and have had a really up and down time.  College, break ups, fantastic trips and parties, some really solid and amazing friendships, meeting new friends, and losing old ones.  Last night, I received 2 more signs that it's time for me to move on and out of DC.
1. My best friend from college got engaged.  The extremely short version of this story is we lived together for 2 years after college (and 2 years in college), and had been inseperable since freshman year when we were pledging our sorority.  Right out of college she met a guy who none of our friends liked, and then she moved in with him.  There were accusations of cheating and criminal charges made towards him and she stuck with him through it all.  Many people have just let their friendships with her fade out, including me, and it obviously hasn't been easy.
2. My college exbf moved back to DC.  He visited me during the summer that we were together and he fell in love with Dallas and moved there after college.  He has a super bitter taste in his mouth towards me but he pulled crazy shit when we were in the process of breaking up (I ended itbc I was young and wanted time to explore options.).  Anyways, I know some of his fraternity brothers watch football at my football bar so I"m just now wondering how long it'll be before I see him.  He'll probably want to come up and punch me in the face. 

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