Monday, August 2, 2010


CityShopGirl sent out an email today with a coupon from Taberna Del Alabardero in downtown for a free pitcher of Sangria. CSG FTW! Now I've never been to TDA, but I think for that free pitcher I'd be willing to try it.

Also, as this weekend was all about pool time and good times, MB and I went to Big Buns. HOLY BANANAS it was so delicious. I totally recommend it to anyone in the Ballston/VA Sq area if you want a ridiculous awesome burger or chicken sandwich. I could only eat half my burger and a bit of fries, and taking them home so I could eat them as leftovers was simply amazing.

This week, well this month at work is going to be seriously slow. I'm not looking forward to it.

In another random event this weekend, my friend went home with some guy she met at The Guards on Saturday night. I guess she wasn't feeling it, so she left. She walked about 3 minutes before remember she forgot her ring there. She walked back, and I guess the guy was asleep, but the door was open. As a parting gift, she pocketed some dvd of a movie she likes. HAHAHAH, not sure what she was thinking but it's pretty awesome.

And lets not forget the new obsession of classes at Gold's. Last night I ventured over to the gym to take Sports Conditioning. Sometimes I can suprise myself with how mean I am to my body. This class seriously was awesome but so incredibly hard. Today my shoulders and upper back/neck is sore, my calves are on fire, and walking the stairs is damn near impossible. Obviously, it did great things for me. I totally recommend taking it, preferrably with Andy. Because hi, he's cute.

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