Sunday, August 22, 2010

Today it's Cloudy With a Chance of Hangover

Last night MB, K2, and I went to Clarendon Ballroom.  We were supposed to go to Russia House but katmcd wasn't feeling great so we postponed that idea so the four of us could all go together. 

Anyways, we got there early and went up to the rooftop bar.  Soon after finishing our first beer this guy comes up to us and introduces himself as "Token."  He's black and cute and I was honestly so confused that his name couldn't possibly be that, but also, why would he label himself that?  After chatting with this man for a while these are the things I found out:
1. He has a last name that's a first name.  So basically he had 2 first names.  Kind of weird but I know it happens. 
2. The man had an absurd amount of branding on his body, done by his fraternity in college.  Not only were they like everywhere, but some of them were HUGE.  I wish I had taken a picture.
3. He drives a 95 supra.  I have no idea why this was important but we did talk about cars last night.  Super weird.

We separated from him and his friends and then spent the rest of the night just dancing away and laughing at the ridiculousness that is the ballroom.  A lot of military men, a couple of a lot of sluts, and a lot of running away from creepsters.

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Legs said...

Lol, I love the Ballroom, but yes you are exactly right, you have to be prepared to run away from creepers. But it is a GREAT place for people watching.

Are you vacationing at Disney in October? Maybe we could all get a drink (or water for me) together on Saturday before the race. :D