Monday, August 16, 2010

Love Yourself Week

Since I'm bored every day at work, around noon, I head over to one of my favorite websites for everything, The Frisky.  This week, they are saying that it's Love Yourself Week, and each day, one of their staffers is writing 30 things that they love about themselves.  I really like that, and I've decided to play along.  I think I need this after being dumped last month.  My confidence has been really up and down and I'm trying to get my head back on straight.  So in their honor, here we go. 

Things I love about myself:
1.  I'm a serious athlete.
2.  I scare a lot of guys
3.  I support my friends, even if I can't say it.
4.  My tattoos.
5.  I don't like to read.
6.  I love football and really study the game.
7.  I don't regret things, I just learn from my mistakes.
8.  I know how to drive stick-shift.
9.  I bought a car.
10. I live on my own.
11. I love my mom.
12. I typically don't give a shit about what others think, I just go with whatever my feelings are.
13. I'm an action taker, not an idea getter.
14. I feel like a chameleon. I change my hair color a lot and feel like a different person every tme. 
15. I hide my emotions 90% of the time.   Seeing the other 10% means that you know me so well that I'd do anything for you.
16. I can drink with the best of them.
17.  I cuss like a sailor.
18. I know how to cook amazing meals, without recipes.
19. I travel, and get absolutely crazy abroad. 
20. I am a f'ing awesome kisser.
21. I'm passionate and loud.
22. I'm multicultural.
23. My ability to move on.
24. My friends know they can trust me to show them a good time.
25. My laugh.
26. My pride.
27. My sense of being strong on my own, and in return be strong with someone else.
28. My patience for picking a man.
29. My ability to seperate hot, one-night stand sex and I'm in love, want to be with you forever sex.
30. I treat my friends like family.

What 30 things do you love about yourself?

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