Sunday, August 29, 2010

Twilight Zone part 1

Part 2 and really most of part 1 will come tomorrow since I'm honestly just wayyyyy too exhausted to function.  So quickly, I'll just talk about Friday night.  katmcd and I met up at Rugby in Georgetown for what was supposed to be a sorority group happy hour and turned out being me, katmcd, and our friend Angela just catching up.  I rarely see AG and it was just so nice to catch up and see what's going on in her life.  We had a couple of Orange Crushes and then katmcd and I packed up and metroed to Capital South metro (because AG said with such authority that that's where we needed to go) to meet up with R, K2, MB, and A at Art and Soul for Restaurant Week.  It was our original restaurant pick and we were happy they extended it so we could all go.  As we found out, Capital South is NOT near the restaurant.  We walked for like a solid 20 minutes before finally getting there and as we did, we were seated at an outside table. 

It started out somewhat decent, we ordered our meals, our bottles of wine, and started eating some delicious corn bread rolls they had.  Soon, our first course came out.  I had shrimp with cheese grits and chow chow.  There were 3 extremely large delicious shrimp that looked grilled still on the skewer over grits.  This dish was my favorite of all the 3 we had.  The only logistical error was I would have preferred the shrimp off the skewers or at least tail free.  The second dish came, but we all still had our finished appetizer plates, so that was a bit odd.  I had a pork chop over risotto with caramelized onions.  The pork chop was very delicious but way too salty, even for me.  The risotto and onions were amazing also.  Admittedly, pork chops are not my favorite food, but I had fish for appetizer and I like to switch things up.  katmcd and K2 had some scallops over collard greens and they both said they enjoyed it.  R and A had the ravioli with sweet onion cheese.  They both were pretty disappointed with their meals, and while I understand ravioli isn't always the best dish to order, it's what they wanted and it should have been delicious.  Finally desert came and I had ricotta cheesecake with strawberries.  It was mediocre at best.  And as a self-proclaimed cheesecake lover and judger, I wasn't a huge fan.  A couple of the girls had this chocolate/caramel/popcorn bar thing and they said it was ok.  The service was also awful.  AWFUL.  And the girls seemed to be acting so strange. It was a bizarre experience. 

So after we ate, we tried to get the bill, and I spoke up to the waiter, asking if he could split the bill by the bottles of wine.  MB and K2 split a $50 bottle of red wine, and A, katmcd, R and I split a $35 bottle of white wine.  And sorry, but I wasn't about to pay for their wine.  He said he couldn't do that, so I asked if he could then bring a pen so we could designate amounts for the check.  So K2 got the check, and figured out what she and MB owed, and then just handed the check to me.  Uhm, you couldn't just do both?  So I write down everybody else, and we pay.  I went to the restroom with A and R.  MB, katmcd and K2 go outside.  There was some mini-drama bc some of the girls were being extra sensative about weird things and being overly bitchy about others' opinions about the food and restaurant.  (hi, everyone has their opinion, that's why we go to these dinners eat, and to discuss the food.) It was awkward.  So E Lawyer, R's bf, came and picked us all up and drove us back to Ballston which was SUPER NICE.  katmcd and I went to the pub to meet up with Zig and J Coupon, while I'm guessing MB and K2 went to Carpool maybe?  I don't know. Oh well. 

The rest of the weekend was so ridiculous and amazing and I'll talk about them tomorrow.

Edit: I forgot some funny stuff about the bar afterwards that I wanted to quickly recap.  At Tortise and Hare, I saw this extremely tall guy, but he wasn't cute and was wearing this blue striped polo.  I tried to turn to Zig and tell him that I thought the guy looked like a tall smurf when he decided to lecture me on only seeing height and then being blinded by it.  I was just trying to laugh at the guy, not hit on him.  Zig continued, "You can only look at people here(he made that line with his hand that was right at my forehead) and up here(as tall as him...about 6'3")."  Oh ok Zig.  It was also dopelganger weekend and on Friday night, we met Zig in about 20 years.  I have a pic of this man, they are identical.  J Coupon on the other hand, saw this really drunk guy dancing with this girl.  At one point, the dude took his sandals off and began jigging around and before we knew it, J Coupon was matching this absurd man, shoes off to the side, and Irish jigging.  Weird night.


Legs said...

Ugh, that totally sucks! Sorry about your terrible experience. I've had a few of those at restaurant week as well (maybe different girl drama) but one restaurant always seems to screw up restaurant week each year.

Anyways, I will say that I go to Art & Soul quite frequently b/c I work around the corner (and yes, it's by Union Station, NOT Capitol South). And usually it's VERY good. The soft shell crab cake being the best, with the fried chicken closely behind. I have had one terrible experience there though, when I went to a luncheon and lecture w/ the Senator Webb. We had equally bad service that day and it seemed that all of our dishes were quite inconsistent from one another. So, yea, maybe they just have sucky staff members. Anyways, better luck next time!

sarg said...

I agree, their regular menu sounded delicious, and everyone has different experiences at restuarants. I really did love the first course, but it was just that night and that dinner that made it all weird. But that's why I like RW. It gives you a chance to go to places you normally wouldn't.