Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fantasy Results

For any football junkies like me out there, last night was MB, K2, and I's fantasy football draft.  It was drastically different than last year.  We weren't at the bar with like 8 of us, all with our computers, and taking a full 5 minutes to draft a pick.  It was the 3 of us, at MB's place with food and some beer, 1 1/2 minutes to draft and we were done in an hour.  Bizarre.  Anyways, I think I got some great picks, and with the one exception where I spaced out and drafted someone who's about to be suspended for 6 full games, I was pretty happy. And I fixed that mistake right away.  So....here's my team.

I Killed a Shark

Tony Romo
Fred Gore
Marion Barber
Calvin Johnson
Mike Sims-Walker
Hines Ward
Brent Celek
Shayne Graham
San Fransisco 49ers

Matt Ryan
Steve Breaston
Chris Cooley
Jerome Harrison
Vincent Jackson(he's the suspended player, I picked up Mario Manningham as a back-up)
Dallas Cowboys

How do you think I did?

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