Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Baileys $2 Drafts Kill....People

I'm stealing that from K2's gchat status right now.  Last night, I had a Networking committee meeting at Union Jacks.  It was our first one and the team is really cool.  But then I convinced K2 to meet me at Bailey's for $2 drafts.  Instead of writing about it, I'll just post emails I've been sending and receiving this morning.  But I will preface that this encounter only included talking and drinking at baileys, a bit of making out outside of my apartment building, and then we went our seperate ways.  So random.

Me:  so i now have 1/5 of my halloween costume thanks to some guy named ....who I met at Baileys and made out with. Except its the ADUs hat and not BDUs hat jungle style. Whatever though, bc it comes fully stocked and with a 1st leiutenant pin. oh baileys, you kill me. did i also mention while i was waiting for K2, brad and kerry were coming back from rock bottom and hi, they were awesome. they came in and had a drink with us and chatted AND........i got us back in the fantasy league! AND i got him to do the baileys draft again. WHO AM I???????
MB: omg! and here i was sound asleep by 10 pm. your hilarious. i have no idea what an ADU is. is it your beret? your hilarious. what time did you get home. hilarious about fantasy draft. all of us are back in? and when is it then? and your sarah who is awesome.
Me:  oh my bad. combat uniform. desert digital. hahaha. omfg mb, so let's see....the three of us plus E are in the draft, well, i sent B his email, and hopefully he'll follow through and invite us all. we don't know when bc he hadn't thought about it before i said it. so once i told him about you calling and checking and it being the same deal we had already, him and kerry were in. hahah wtf. and my networking group...they are awesome! i recongnized a few kids from that chicago training but overall everyone's nice and like to drink a lot. so i think that's a good thing i'm doing. i stopped at starbucks today and got a breakfast sammie and coffee and am feeling soooo tired. last time i looked at the clock it was 230am. did i mention that the kid was a wounded war vet from afghanistan(airforce)....? he had broken his leg over there and was waiting for it to heal to be sent back over. sooooo random.
katmcd:  oh jeez sarg. so he gave you his uniform?  okay, i know exactly what you have now. i can picture it. too funny. do we plan on seeing him again or is this a game of finders keepers?
Me: and i'm going to blame my networking group, bc i was good after 2 beers. i was gonna go home, and go for a run. but no, they made me get a 3rd and therefore i had to call K2 and go to baileys. did i also mention that the kid K2 was talking to, they were talking about books and she made him a reading list?

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