Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Push the Button

So today is Tuesday.  Typically I have my company softball league on Tuesdays, but tonight is the last game for my fun non-company league so I'll be going to that.  Last night after work I was texting and getting in my car and my phone repeadetly shut off and restarted.  This is actually a common occurance with my phone and this is now the 2nd time I've had to replace it.  I have the Motorola Backflip and don't have a clue why I switched away from Blackberry.  I cannot wait to get a new BB.  My little from sorority days is actually staying with her friend, randomly enough in my apartment building, until she moves into her new place this weekend.  She came up for a quick glass of wine and to vent about stuff.  I <3 her.  <> love.

Also, what would you think if some guy told you that he didn't like crowded bars?
1. what bar isn't crowded?
2. if it's not crowded, it's probably SUPER boring.
3. I guess we won't be hanging out because I go to bars....a lot.

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