Friday, August 13, 2010

Busy Friday

Last night, K2 and I attempted to watch the Cowboys preseason game but Bailey's didn't have it.  We ended up just sitting there anyways for a few hours.  Today I woke up somewhat refreshed and ready to tackle an absurdly long to-do list. 
1. Oil Change
2. Shipment of DVDs to Mom
3. Shipment of DVDs to sell
4. Shipment of Old Blackberry
5. Goodwill drop-off
6. Purchase New Running Shoes (since my current ones will be destroyed tomorrow)
7. Grocery Store
8. Pack bag for tomorrow
9. Prep for softball tournament tomorrow

See, that's a lot to do.  I'm done with almost everything!  But I need to get on it, so I'm going to leave you with beautiful Matt Moore of the Carolina Panthers.  Yum!

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