Sunday, August 15, 2010


So while I wish I could have slept a little later, I'm watching the travel channel, because a Disney Cruise Line special was on, and now, this special of Residensea is on. It's a cruise line but people live on this ship.  It travles around the world and honestly sounds amazing.  But it does seem like a rich old folks home.  I like the idea though.  Also, I love cruise ships for their food.  I think I'd really like some of that now.  Today I cannot move.  The Run Amuck and 6 hours of softball wiped me out.  And off to work I go in an hour.  Lame.

OMFG and I'm seeing on that Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie got married.  So f'ing, isn't she my age?  Nope, she's 2 years younger.  FML.

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