Monday, August 30, 2010

Twilight Zone Part 2

Saturday morning, I woke up and literally drug my ass to the gym for a quick workout before a long day of really random and super fun events.  I drove over to katmcd's for a pool date.  It was so weird though because as soon as we sat down, it was a thousand degrees, and every time we went into the pool, it was cloud cover.  But we got a nice little tan, quickly changed clothes and picked up katmcd's friend to go to the H St. Biergarten Haus.  I think the short version is her friend just got married and during the after party they went to a similar place in Michigan and wanted to drink out of a boot, and this was a place you could do it.  The drive over was weird bc we hit everyone coming back from the Glen Beck rally and got diverted on Constitution.  Also, H St is an "up and coming neighborhood."  (read: ghetto)  I happen to get really  uncomfortable in places like this but whatever.  We found it, parked and entered into a tiny little row house and were greeted by a foreign girl (points for the accent at a German Biergarten).  We started following her and the patio just never ended.  It was a huge backyard of shared picnic tables, a bar, and a lot of TVs.  The three of us sat down with this older couple and ordered 3 Radlers and some pretzel rolls.  Radlers are a mix of beer and 7up, basically a Shandy if you know what those are.  The older couple were nice enough but started awkwardly PDA-ing.  After the large beer, I was tired, hungry for real food since they didn't start serving there until 5, and wanted a shower, so we left.  But as we were leaving, this guy pulls my arm so I turn around and says, "Hey, have you met Greg?"  I laugh hysterically and tell katmcd, "omg, that guy just pulled a Hi have you met Ted game on me!"  We all laughed and then kept walking.  Katmcd and I went back to her place, and traded cars and I drove us back to my place. 

While at my place, we just cleaned up, ate California Tortilla, and were sitting around before it was time to leave and go to the most random house party ever, and I get a text message.  The text is from this guy who I used to be good friends with, but there was a falling out of sorts and we haven't talked in 6 months.  The text read like we had just hung out like last weekend and he was hosting people over for the UFC fight.  I sat there stunned for a solid 10 minutes not knowing what was going on.  So after I digest it, I just simply respond back, "I have other plans.  I'll let you know if they change.  Thanks for the offer."  Simple, polite, and not "Oh hey, wtf are you texting me for, we don't talk anymore."  I found out the next day that a bunch of our friends went over there, a lot of whom were in the same boat as me and hadn't talked to him and his roommate in a long time. and had a great time, but everyone just acted like the last 6 months hadn't happened.  I guess I can appreciate that though, and while I had fun where I went, I was interested in being there too. 

After all of that, katmcd and I hopped in the car and we started the trek to Bryan's Road, MD.  We had to google this place to double check it existed.  A friend of katmcd's that she met through work had a party to watch UFC, and she was invited, and brought me.  Neither of us had a clue what to expect but it was ok.  We were met outside by her friend and were walked inside to meet the few people who were there.  A husband and wife who owned the home, and another couple.  Oh.My.God.  wtf is this?  We go into the kitchen for a drink, and are suddenly surrounded by a child running around.  She had Disney Princess chairs everywhere though, so that was fun.  Some of the party highlights included flip cup, having nicknames within 10 minutes of us being there (Little Miss Educated, Miss Backboard, etc), wrestling outside, shoes in the pool, a man crying, a male stripper in a leopard print(he said it was camo) cast, one of the guys calling katmcd his sister and me his cousin (oh west virginia) and beer pong.  And quite possible the best thing form the night was katmcd and I tried to leave at one point, got in my car, turned it on, turned on my lights, put it in gear and were literally stopped before I could drive by a couple (we loved the girl) and the house owner guy.  Oh no, we couldn't leave.  They weren't ready to see us go.  So we went back inside.  Then katcmd and the house owner exchanged numbers and I guess he gave it out to some of the party and then got my number and they love us.  I have no idea why.  We both were mean to their faces, but they loved it.  And they kind of played mean to us too.  Whatever, it worked.  I had stopped drinking about 3 hours before we left so I was tired and ready to go around 2 and we actually did leave. 

Sunday katmcd, R, A, and I went to Six Flags in MD and had an amazing time.  A lot of sun, lines were non-existent, we did the water park too.  Long weekend, amazing stories, and new friends.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that in the car on the way to the Biergarten, katmcd looked over and said, oh there's Sarah from America's Next Top Model.  Sure enough, there she was, just walking on the street near Chinatown.  Weird right?


miss mal said...

I love that Kathleen recounted the same tale about Saturday but just reading it again is making me laugh so hard. what a BIZARRE night!

sarg said...

Oh man, things continue to get weird. I hope Kathleen's been telling you about my new Stage 5 clinger.